The Local Soap Company

Man Bar

This blend of spicy berries, citrus, lavender and amber Essential oils, come together to create a very fun and interesting manly fragrance.

The activated charcoal in this bar benefits your skin by drawing out oil, dirt and other harmful substances from clogged pores due to its ability to absorb. Activated charcoal draws bacteria, chemicals, dirt and other micro-particles up to the surface of your skin, helping you to fight acne and achieve a flawless complexion.

Yes, this may be a very popular MAN bar that is enjoyed by men .....  but it is a real winner with the LADIES!


Ingredients: Coconut oil (Cocos Nucifera), Palm oil (Elaeis guieneensis), Olive oil (Olea europaea), Lye (Sodium Hydroxide), Water (Aqua), blend (Unguentum suavitatis) of Essential Oils, Activated Charcoal (Carbones)


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